Case High

Case Emergencies



The Marriott Hotel serves as the location where Case High School Staff & Students will be taken in the event of an evacuation due to damage or environmental danger.  Building evacuation will be announced to staff and students. 

Teachers will be asked to lead their classes over to the hotel, where further direction will be given.  The order of the classroom evacuation will be given over the P.A. and will depend on the situation.  After a headcount is conducted at the Marriott, students will be transported to the Roma Lodge for reunification with parents.  Students are not to go to their cars and leave school until permission has been given from the evacuation location.  This ensures all students are immediately removed from a possible dangerous situation, and can be accounted for.  Bus transportation arrangements will be announced once the students have been safely relocated.  The Guidance Counselors from each sub school will have a list of their school's students.  There will be a sign in / out sheet for the reunification.