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A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. Clubs are a great way to meet new people and learn about different groups of people and how to get along with them. Being a part of a club also shows that you are a member of a diverse, democratic society and therefore looks great when it is added to a resumé or college application.

Case High School has many clubs to grab the interest and utilize the talents of our individual students.

Anime Club

Anime ClubWelcome to Anime Kingdom!

Anime is a style of animation originating in Japan, characterized by colorful graphics and often featuring themes intended for an adult audience. The word is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation." In our club we learn about anime and Japanese culture as well as develop an appreciation for the art form.

Advisor:  Mr. Haisler

Meetings:  Thursdays at 2:45 p.m., in the wood shop

Bowling Club

John Brooks: 631-7045 or
Glenn Chapman

Requirements:  All skill levels are Welcome

Dues:  $70.00 per person

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at Paradise West. If you can't make the first practice, we'll still be glad to have you.

Case High School students, if you are interested in doing some competitive bowling, and/or want to improve your bowling abilities and have lots of fun while doing so, stop on out and see what High School Bowling is all about. All skill levels are welcome.

The current coaches are listed above and the remainder of the coaching staff is yet to be determined. Help from parents is always welcome. 

Campus Life

Advisor:  Mike Hoecherl

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Fridays, Lunch Hours, @ Burger King

Campus Life High School ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of YFC, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Case Pals for Kids

Be a tutor or mentor at Julian Thomas Elementary School.

Advisor:  Terry Hyduke

Qualifications:  Background Check

Meetings:  Tuesdays, 3-5pm, room 172

Computer Club

Advisor:  Nancy Hoff

Requirements:  Computer Applications or Desktop

Meetings:  Room 209, listen for announcements or visit the Case Calendar page

Criminal Justice Club

Are you interested in a career within law enforcement?

Case Criminal Justice Club (CCJC) is a club that focuses on the careers of first responders.  Club members will get the opportunity to observe and participate in activities commonly performed by law enforcement.

  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Finger Print Collection
  • K9 Unit Demonstrations
  • CCJC Scholarship
  • Much More!!!

Advisor:  Officer Nick Bjelajac  (262) 619-4612

Qualifications:  Good student with a 2.4 GPA

Meetings:  Every Tuesday after school

The Case Criminal Justice Club, in partnership with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, was created in 2013 for students interested in the Criminal Justice Field.  The CCJC meets on a weekly basis where the students get hands on experience, education, engage in an open dialogue, as well as participate in volunteer activities in the community.  CCJC is dedicated to developing and strengthening positive relationships between law enforcement, students, and the community. 

CCJC promotes and encourages its members to be positive leaders and mentors not only in the school environment but in the community by displaying positive attitude and responsibility.  Students are required to volunteer at different community events throughout the year, take part in field trips that provide exposure to the different professions within the criminal justice field, and be part of a positive group environment.


Distributive Education Clubs of America

Advisor:  Keith Wartzenluft

Requirements:  Business or Marketing Student

Dues: $20.00 Covers National, State and local registration fees

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Wednesdays, room 151, 2:45pm

Visit  or for National and State information

Dirty Bird Club

Badminton Club

Advisors:  Kaleena Vasil, Jacob Berce, Don Katzer & Fred Markwardt

Meetings:  TBD

Economics Club

Investment insights and stock analysis.

Advisor(s):  Steve Jancik

Qualifications:  Interest

Dues:  N/A

Meeting Days, Times, Locations:   The Economics Club meets every Thursday in Room 275.  We start at 2:50 p.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.


Future Business Leaders of AmericaFuture Business Leaders of America

Advisor:  Keith Wartzenluft

Dues:  $15.00 (Covers state and national)

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Monthly, announced over PA

Information about FBLA for high schoolers:


Future Educators of America

Advisor(s):  Steve Jancik, Aimee Blaisdell, Claire Huck, Mike Jensen

Requirements:  N/A

Dues: N/A

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  The Future Educators Association meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in Room 275. We start at 2:50 p.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.

This club is for students who want to explore the option of becoming a teacher or who already know they want to teach.

Official website:


Gay Straight Alliance

Advisor:  Mindy PoffenbergerJacqueline Morrow
Meeting Days, Times, Locations:  Wednesdays, TBA
Check out our GSA Facebook page at:
Check out the GSA Network page at:

Geography Bowl

Advisor(s):  Pete Berry

Requirements:  Some Geography knowledge.

Dues: N/A

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  April/May, TBD


Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA): Future Health Professionals

Advisor:  Colleen Schneider

Qualifications/Dues:  $25.00 and interest in Health field

Meeting Days/Locations:  2nd Monday of Month/ PA Announcements

National Website:


Health Youth Association

Advisor(s):  Linda Borneman

Requirements:  Must be in 4th hour HYA

Dues: $13.00

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Class hours

Click on the links below to learn more about HYA and field trips or opportunities.

KEY Club

Kiwanis Educates Youth Club

The KEY club is a community service club that is run by students. There are many opportunities for volunteer work in the community or here at school, and the KEY club members organize and participate in these volunteer efforts.
Some great reasons to join key club:

  • Any student can join. 
  • We have some fun with social activities along with community service.
  • It is a great opportunity for students to perform leadership roles and experience.

Students active in clubs and leadership roles will have excellent information to fill on their scholarship and college applications that require information about community service and involvement.
Advisor:  Al Hafeman
Meeting Day(s),Times and Location: Wednesdays, 2:45 p.m., Room 280

Qualifications/Dues:  $13.00 and volunteer work, motivated

Link Crew

Juniors and Seniors helping Freshman to transition into high school.

Advisors:  Blaisdell, Monty, Lepisot, Katzer, Humphreys, Kudels, Huck, and Riggs

Qualifications/Dues:  Accepted application and required training

Meeting Days/locations:  varied

Math Club

This is a club for students who are interested in math, math competitions and games. 

They will meet every other Thursday in room 215 after school. The advisers are Clare Huck and Crystal Heinen.

Minority Visionary

This club promotes post high school activities.

Advisor(s):  Craig Lepisto and Jennifer Muffick


National Honor Society

Advisors:   Craig Lepisto, Nicola Malacara, and Kristen Monty

Meeting Day(s), Times and Location:  Once a month, 2:30pm, Library

National website:

Case Requirements: 

To be eligible for induction into NHS, students must meet all requirements:

- a 3.5 cumulative GPA

- no major violations of academic integrity

- be in at least two of the advanced courses listed below


World Language

Social Studies



Career Pathway Courses

Other Pathway Courses

IB MYP Literature 10

IB MYP French 3

IB MYP Ancient to Early Modern History

IB MYP Chemistry

IB MYP Algebra/Trig 2

PLTW Principles of Biomedical Systems

IB Theory of Knowledge 1

IB DP Literature 1 

IB DP French 4

IB DP History 1

IB DP Chemistry 1

IB DP Math A&A SL 1

PLTW Medical Interventions

IB Theory of Knowledge 2

IB DP Literature 2

IB DP French 5

IB DP History 2

IB DP Chemistry 2

IB DP Math A&A SL 2

PLTW Biomedical Innovations

IB Personal & Professional Skills

IB DP Language and Literature 

IB MYP German 3

IB DP Psychology 1

IB DP Biology 1

IB DP Math A&A HL 1

PLTW Human Body Systems


English Usage & Writing - Grade 12 Elective

IB DP German 4

IB DP Psychology 2

IB DP Biology 2

IB DP Math A&A HL 2

PLTW Computer Science Essentials


Shakespeare - Grade 12 Elective

IB DP German 5

PACC U.S. Government

IB DP Physics 1


PLTW Computer Science Principles


IB MYP Spanish 3

PACC Sociology

IB DP Physics 2


PLTW Cyber Security


IB DP Spanish 4

PACC African American History


PLTW Intro To Engineering and Design


IB DP Spanish 5


PLTW Principles of Engineering


PLTW Engineering Design and Development



Patriot Club

The JI Case HS Patriot Club is a team of hard-working students promoting the patriotic spirit of the JI Case HS community and volunteering to honor and serve members of local community veteran organizations.

Advisor:  Mark Petersen

Meetings:  Every other Wednesday, Room 206

Pep Club

The purpose of a pep club is to boost school spirit. Pep club members organize and participate in games, pep rallies, homecoming events and other school functions to promote and bolster school pride.

Advisor:  Nicola Malacara

Ping Pong Club

Interested in becoming the next Olympic ping pong champion? Come and test out your skills against other Eagle students every Thursday after school in the adaptive sports area. Come check us out!

Advisor:  Jacob Berce

Meetings:  Thursdays, 2:45pm

Pinterest Club

(formerly called Art club)

Every-other Tuesday after school in room 170

Dues:  Fund-raising.

Advisor: Ms. Manteufel

Random Acts of Kindness

Students performing random acts of kindness.

Advisors:  Jennifer Humphreys and Mike Jensen

Requirements:  Kind-hearted and smiley

Meetings:  Tuesdays, Room 273


Team #7900 Trial & Terror is a FIRST Robotics Competition team from Racine, WI that operates out of J.I. Case High School. Our diverse team competes in the annual First Robotics Competition against robotics teams from schools all over the world. Trial & Terror is completely student-led and collaborates and works face to face with engineers on robotics design challenges during our season and will work on community outreach in the off-season to promote STEM to young people in our community. Students that compete in FRC have the opportunity to earn college scholarships of upwards of $80,000,000 and will have the chance to be recruited at events and during build season for college opportunities and professional internships. It is a unique and valuable event that can highlight your skills and make you marketable as a college student and young professional.

Check out our website for more details.

Science Club

Advisor:  Stephanie Ruder

Meetings:  after school in room 117, every other Thursday

Ski & Snowboard Club

Advisor(s):  Marisa Fellion

Qualifications:  N/A

Dues:  Club fee, lift ticket, and bus

Meeting Days, Times, Locations:  six evenings TBD, Alpine Valley

Skills USA

For more information about Skills USA, check out their website at

Advisor:  Shane Kudela


Requirements:  $13, Enrolled in Tech class 

Meetings:  Meetings immediately after school every 1st and 3rd Wednesday in Engineering room 137, and meetings held every Thursday and Friday During Homeroom in room 137.

TableTop Gamers

Advisor:  Mr. Haisler

Meetings:  Wednesdays at 2:40 -4:30 room 147

YES Club

YES stands for Youth Empowered in the Struggle. It is a student-led group focusing on social justice. We work on issues both at Case and in the community. If you are interested at all or just want to know more, please come to a meeting.

Advisor(s):  Nancy Gibson and Dr. Ellen Spiering

Meeting Days/Times:  Starting in November, if interested see Ms. Gibson in the theater


Eagle Video Editing and Recording Club (EVER) are looking for new members. Join us every B day during 3-1 to make short movies with our team.

Room 139

EVER Club poster