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International Baccalaureate Programmes offer comprehensive curricula which provide curious, able, and ambitious students around the world an opportunity to receive a first-class education while experiencing what it means to be a responsible, global citizen. 


Case High School has a long history of IB; we were  the first (1979) of ten authorized Wisconsin high schools to offer the IB Diploma Programme. Case High School is currently authorized to offer two IB Programmes - the Diploma Programme and the Career-related Programme. We are also in the process of applying for candidacy to be authorized for the Middle Years Programme. You can  find out more information about all of our programmes by checking out the information below. 


Case's mission is "to nurture students’ learning, leadership, and passion through rigorous IB courses and relevant career pathways."

At Case High School we believe that all students can be successful when given rigorous, relevant learning opportunities. By connecting the Academies of Racine to the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate, our students will graduate prepared for real world challenges. The aim of all of the IB programs  is  to inspire students to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.



By choosing the IB curriculum and instruction, a student may:

  1. receive a rigorous and comprehensive high school education, specifically designed for the college bound.
  2. become eligible to receive credit at many colleges and universities if choosing to test.


Students pursuing IB Diploma Programme courses should be capable of doing rigorous, academic work and consider homework a normal part of the day are typical IB students.  Anyone who attends Case and lives within the Case boundaries and is up to the challenge is welcome to enroll in IB classes. 


If your student attends Starbuck as an 8th grader, you need to select Case as your number one option during the School Choice process. Starbuck students who make that selection will receive priority admission to Case. If your student does not attend Starbuck, and you do not live in the boundaries for Case, you can select Case as your number one option during the School Choice process and hope to have your student selected in the lottery.

IB policies

Case Language Policy

 Case Inclusion Policy

Case Assessment Policy

Academic Integrity


Students can choose to be a  Full Diploma Candidate, or simply take individual IB courses as an IB Course Candidate. Both options allow students to take IB examinations for potential college credit.

IB Course Candidate

IB Course Candidates select any number of courses from the six subject groups and take examinations in their chosen subjects. Depending on their intended university, college credits are often awarded for passing scores.  For over 300 of our  sophomores, juniors, and seniors who presently take at least one IB class/exam, school is a top priority. 

IB Full Diploma Candidate

The IB Full Diploma  is a two-year, internationally renowned program for juniors and seniors.

IB Diploma candidates are required to complete six separate academic areas, leading to IB examinations. Each exam includes components submitted throughout the year (Internal Assessments) combined with more formal exams in May (External Assessments). Three to four  of the six required courses must be Higher Level (2 years of study). The other two to three must be Standard Level.  Full Diploma candidates must take at least one exam from each of the Groups 1 - 5. The sixth exam can be from Group 6, or a second exam from either Group 3 or Group 4.

The six academic areas are:

  • Group 1: Language A English
    • IB Literature I (Junior)
    • IB Literature II (Senior)
  • Group 2: Language B - Language Acquisition
    • IB French 4; IB French 5
    • IB German 4; IB German 5
    • IB Spanish 4; IB Spanish 5
  • Group 3: Individuals/Societies: 
    • IB History I (Junior)
    • IB History II (Senior)
    • IB Psychology (one-year course; can be taken junior or senior year)
  • Group 4: Experimental Sciences: 
    • IB Biology I (Junior)
    • IB Biology II (Senior)
    • IB Physics I (Junior)
    • IB Physics II (Senior)
    • IB Chemistry (one-year course; can be taken as junior or senior year)
  • Group 5: Mathematics:
    • IB Math Analysis & Approaches HL I (Junior)
    • IB Math Analysis & Approaches HL II (Senior)
    • IB Math Analysis & Approaches SL I (Junior)
    • IB Math Analysis & Approaches SL II (Senior)
    • IB Math Applications & Interpretations SL (one-year course; can be taken junior or senior year)
  • Fine Arts: 
    • IB Visual Art I SL/HL
    • IB Visual Art II SL/HL

IB Diploma candidates must meet three additional core requirements:

  • Theory of Knowledge—an interdisciplinary course which encourages critical thinking (taken 2nd Semester of Junior Year and 1st Semester of Senior Year).
  • Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)—participation in 3-4 hours of extra-curricular activities per week over two years to meet specific IB Learning Outcomes.
  • Extended Essay—a 4,000 word essay written independently with guidance from a faculty advisor.

IB's DP Page


The Career-related Program (CP) is a two year program that is offered to juniors and seniors. The CP is ideal for students who wish to focus on their career pathway courses while engaging in IBDP courses. Through their course work, students develop professional interests, problem-solving skills, and investigate ethical dilemmas of the workplace. The IB Career-related Program (IBCP) provides a flexible learning framework tailored by the school to meet the career-related needs of students and the local community as well as the world beyond. 

At  J.I Case High School, the IBCP joins three certified programs: the IB Diploma Program with Project Lead the Way, and Gateway Technical College’s Dual Credit programs. 

The IB Career-related Program enables students to: 

  • pursue a challenging and rigorous academic course of study.
  • develop a broad range of career competencies and deepen their understanding in general areas of knowledge. 
  • prepare for effective participation in the ever-changing global world of work. 
  • fosters the attributes of the IB Learner Profile,  allowing students to become true, lifelong learners, willing to consider new perspectives.
  • prepare for the kind of undergraduate research required for further and higher education.
  • engage in service learning that makes a positive difference to further lives.
  • broaden educational options both during high school and beyond 
  • earn college and university credits.
  • become a self-confident person, ready for life in the 21st century. 

Requirements for the IBCP Certificate

  • Two IB Diploma courses; one course must be covered over 2 years.

2 Year Courses

IB English HL

IB French SL and Ab Initio SL

IB German  SL and Ab Initio SL

IB Spanish  SL and Ab Initio SL

IB World History HL

IB Biology HL

IB Physics HL

IB Mathematics Applications and Analysis SL

IB Mathematics Applications and Analysis HL

IB Visual Art HL

IB Performing Arts: Music HL

1  Year Courses

IB Psychology SL

IB Chemistry SL

IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL 

IB Visual Arts SL

IB Performing Arts: Music SL




  • Three Career- related pathway courses in a Project Lead the Way or Gateway Technical College dual credit program through the Academies of Racine at Case High School: Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Business and Culinary Arts, Academy of Computer Science, Education, and Technical Services. One or two courses will be taken sophomore year. Two courses must be taken while the students are IBCP candidates: one course junior year, one in senior year. More than one year is fine, but one per year of the two- year program is required. 
  • The Personal and Professional Skills course that emphasizes critical and creative thinking, communication skills, personal development, intercultural understanding, and ethics over the two years of the CP. One semester is required each year.
  • World Language Development Portfolio over the two years that is relevant to the student’s pathway,level, and background (50 hours). Students must be in a World Language.
  • Service Learning over two years that emphasizes career-related partnership and the principles of service learning (50 hours).
  • Reflective Project focused on researching an ethical dilemma related to the student’s career-related studies  (50 hours with 2 format options: 3,000 word essay or a 1,500- 2,000 word essay with an additional 7 minute presentation that supports and adds information to the essay). This is worked on during the PPS class senior year. 

IBO's CP Page


The Middle Years Program (MYP) is the IB program that will be offered to all freshmen  and sophomores. The MYP provides a framework that encourages students to become  caring, respectful individuals who critically think about the world around them. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement, professional skills that are essential for post-secondary life. The main objective of this program is to prepare all students for the pathway they choose to follow.  To help students prepare for their pathways, they will complete a capstone project in 10th grade called the Personal Project. 


Who will be able to participate in the IB Middle Years Program (MYP)?


Anyone who attends Case and lives within the Case boundaries will participate in the MYP program. This means it will be offered to all freshman and sophomores, or students ages 14-16.


What are the advantages of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP)?


 This is how IB MYP encourages all students to be creative, reflective, and critical learners:

  • Become a lifelong learner
  • Learn  by experiencing and doing
  • The MYP encourages critical thinking and analyze issue through different perspectives
  • Supports the development of professional skills
  • Explores learning through global contexts
  • Encourages students to develop their talents
  • MYP prepares students for future education


What courses will be MYP?


Currently, the subject areas that will be MYP at Case High School are:

  • Language and Literature (English)
  • Sciences
  • Physical and Health Education 
  • Language Acquisition (Spanish, French, and German)
  • Math
  • Individual and Societies (History)


When will Case have MYP?


Case High School is currently in the consideration phase, meaning we will be a  candidate school. Over the next 2 years, all staff and students will work towards embodying the IB philosophy and principles.  Starting the 2022-2023 school year, all freshmen will be MYP students and take MYP courses listed in the subject areas above.


What is the Personal Project?


The Personal Project, the MYP capstone assessment for all sophomores,  provides students an opportunity to demonstrate a consolidation of their learning through the completion of independent research. Each student will work with a teacher advisor, to investigate, plan, take action, and reflect on a topic of their choice, rather than content which is tied to a specific curriculum or grade. This assessment reflects on a topic tied to their career academy.


IBO's MYP Page


Contact: Nicola Malacara, IB DP Coordinator at (262)664-8765

Rebecca Madsen, IB MYP/ CP Coordinator at (262)664-4605