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The IB is a two year, internationally renowned program for juniors and seniors, which can lead to their receiving first year course credit at most universities and colleges.

Its comprehensive curriculum provides able and ambitious students around the world an opportunity to receive a first class education as well as to experience what it means to be a responsible, global citizen. Case High School is proud to be the first (1979) of ten authorized Wisconsin high schools to offer the IB Diploma Programme.  You can also find out more information by checking out the Wisconsin IB website: or the International IB website for parents at the following link: or downloading the brochures bulleted below:


Case's mission is "to provide a positive environment and instruction of the highest quality to ensure that all students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes they will need to become productive citizens of the world."


By choosing the IB curriculum and instruction, a student may:

  1. receive a rigorous and comprehensive high school education, specifically designed for the college bound.
  2. become eligible to receive credit at many colleges and universities if choosing to test.


Each year more and more Case students take at least one IB course. The number of IB courses and the number of students who take IB exams has grown over the years; most take several tests.  In May of 2016, 294 exams were given to 114 candidates, compared to 1990 when only 50 exams were taken by 21 students.

The number of junior and senior Case candidates who attempt to do the Full Diploma in any given year has run from 30-35 students in recent years.  In 2016, 75% of the senior Full Diploma candidates earned the Full Diploma.  This number compares to 79.3% who earned it worldwide in 2016.

At present there are over 3,000 IB Diploma Programme schools in the world.  Each registers its students for examinations held in May (northern hemisphere) or in November (southern hemisphere).  Exam scores for college credit range from 4-7 on a scale of 1-7.  Scores for the two-year, or Higher Level scores, generally earn more credit than the Standard Level courses.  Since 1999 Case students have scored 4 or better on 71% of their exams, giving them the opportunity to enter their college or university with credits already earned.


Students who are capable of doing rigorous, academic work and consider homework a normal part of the day are typical IB students.  Anyone who attends Case and lives within the Case boundaries and is up to the challenge is welcome to enroll in IB classes.  For over 300 sophomores, juniors, and seniors who presently take at least one IB class, school is a top priority.  


Contact Nicola Malacara to find out what you can do to enroll your student in the IB Program at Case High School.

IB policies

Honor Code

Assessment Policy for J.I. Case High School 

Language Policy of J.I. Case High School

Inclusion Policy for J.I. Case High School

Diploma Program

IB Diploma candidates are required to complete six separate academic areas, leading to IB examinations in May. Some of their work and all of the exams are evaluated by international educators. Three of the required courses must be Higher Level/2 years of study. The other three may be Standard Level/1 year of study.

The six academic areas are:

  • English A1: 
    • IB Junior and Senior World Literature   HL/2 years
    • CAS/Extended Essay:  1st Semester Juniors only
  • 2nd Language: 
    • IB French, German, Spanish SL/5th year and Ab Initio/4th year
  • Individuals/Societies: 
    • IB Junior and Senior European History   HL/2 years
    • Psychology Junior or Senior    SL/1 year
  • Experimental Sciences: IB Junior and Senior Biology   HL/2 years
    • IB Junior or Senior Chemistry   SL/1 year
    • IB Physics Junior or Senior    SL/1 year
  • Mathematics:
    • IB Math Studies   SL/1 year
    • IB Math SL1/1 year and (IB Math SL2/1 year or IB Calculus/1 year)
      • need two classes to take the exam
    • IB Statistics (included in Mathematics SL exam)
  • Fine Arts: 
    • IB Studio Art SL/1 year (two 3-D or 2-D courses prerequisite)
    • IB Studio Art HL/ 2years (in addition to SL 1 year)

IB Examinations are given in each subject group in May. Along with completing the specific subjects and exams, IB Diploma candidates must meet three additional requirements:

  • Theory of Knowledge—an interdisciplinary course which encourages critical thinking (2nd Semester Junior, 1st Semester Senior is required for full diploma)
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)—participation in 3-4 hours of extra-curricular activities per week over two years.
  • Extended Essay—a 4,000 word essay written independently with guidance from a faculty advisor.

IB Certificate

IB Course candidates complete only some of the Diploma requirements. They may select any number of courses from the six subject groups and take examinations in their chosen subjects. Course candidates need not complete Theory of Knowledge, CAS or the Extended Essay. 
Read more about the IB Diploma Program for Case High School on the IB website.


Following an arduous application process, J.I. Case High School has received approval from the International Baccalaureate Organization as an IBCP Candidate School.  This will mean adding a second IB Programme at Case, and a fourth to the RUSD's IB continuum: Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, IB Career-related Programme.

Once Authorized, the IBCP will add an international dimension to Case's career-related pathways.  The IBCP combines the Diploma Programme's academic rigor with practical, career-related skills and will provide students with a well-rounded educational experience that will enhance employment or progression to further study or higher education.