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The goal of the English as a Second Language and Bilingual program at Case High School is to enable limited English proficient students to become competent in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the English language. These programs emphasize the mastery of English language skills and content area concepts and skills in order for students to be able to participate effectively in the regular program. The bilingual program works to accomplish these goals by providing native language support to English Language Learners at Case. The English as a Second Language program teaches cognitive academic language proficiency by emphasizing social and instructional language, the language of language arts, the language of mathematics, the language of science, and the language of social studies.


High school English focuses on the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for decision making and personal growth in everyday life. The English curriculum offers students a variety that will meet their needs for whatever goals they pursue beyond high school. Students explore the importance of language through composition, literature, communication skills, and technology in the required courses, and can focus on specialized areas of interest in the semester electives available each year for seniors. 
The critical thinking skills and self understanding acquired through the English curriculum will be applied in all aspects of a student's life. By analyzing the works and techniques of great authors of the past and present, and learning to write with clarity and precision, students will gain a better understanding of the times in which they live. 

Students are required to successfully complete four years of English, including Freshman English, Sophomore English, Junior English, and two semesters of senior choices.

  • Advanced English
    • Advanced English Survey I is Freshman
    • Advanced English Survey II AL is Sophomore American Literature
    • Advanced English Survey III WL is Junior World Literature
  • English Grammar and Usage
  • IB is International Baccalaureate
    • IB Sophomore American Literature
    • IB Junior World Literature
    • IB Senior World Literature
  • Modern Writers
  • Shakespeare

World Language

Whether you are studying French, German, or Spanish our staff is dedicated to developing your language skills.  In the beginning levels there is an emphasis on listening and speaking in practical everyday situations. As you become more fluent more time is spent on writing and reading a variety of culturally authentic materials. Our digital recording center in the Foreign Language Computer Lab also gives you the opportunity to improve your fluency and explore the world via the Internet.

All of our successful language learners may test for Wisconsin college retroactive credit. Many have earned up to 16 university credits as a result of their language studies and one more successful language class at the university level. In addition, college bound students may elect to prepare for the International Baccalaureate exam in pursuit of extensive college credit. 

In an effort to expand your world, French students have experienced cultural and artistic events in Chicago, German students have had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany with Herr Zydzik, and Spanish students have enjoyed the Day of the Dead rituals, Cuban food in Milwaukee, as well as Spanish tapas in Chicago.